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TS3 Measurement System Analysis (MSA)




Data are used by most organizations in assertaining the acceptance of their products or the stability of their manufacturing processes. Hence, assessing the ability of the measuring system to obtain repeatable, reproducible, and accurate measurements should be carried out prior to any data collection processes. Thus, the quality of data and also the measurement system that produces the data are of utmost importance to any organization that focuses on fact-based decision making process for improvement. This practical course combines classroom teaching, practical exercises, group discussion and case study with actual factory based projects to provide a complete action learning experience. The course has been designed to enable all participants leave the training with a set of new knowledge, tools, skills and direct experience of how to implement Gage Repeatibility and Reproducibility methodology in a real company setting.

NOTE : Calculator (Preferable Minitab, Microsoft Excel or scientific calculate) will be used for the purpose of data calculation analysis)





The ability of gauge or measuring equipment to obtain repeatable, reproducible, and accurate measurements should be assessed prior to data collection. The course discusses the importance of measurement accuracy and precision, the methods of evaluating gauge capability and the methods of maintaining gauge stability. Thus, the course has been designed to fulfill the following objectives :

To provide an understanding of measurement system concept

To apply GRR methodology for different types of gauges / measuring equipment

To evaluate GRR results and trigger necessary actions





  • Terminology
  • Ideal vs. good measurement system
  • Measurement strategy and planning
  • Definition of key terms
  • Relevant statistical concept
  • Methodologies for assessing measurement system for stability and linearity
  • Average & range method
  • Analysis of variance (ANOVA) method
  • Attribute measurement system
  • Measurement System problem analysis





  • To perform and evaluate bias and linearity study on variable measurement system
  • To perform and evaluate Variable GR&R Study by using Range, Average Range and ANOVA Methodologies.To perform and evaluate the Attribute GR&R Study by using Attribute and Analytic Methodologies.
  • The materials presented in this training are aligned with the AIAG’s MSA Manual, 3 rd Edition





This course is designed for front line managers, engineers or executives who are involved in the development and implementation of Measurement System Analysis as part of their quality assurance and improvement program, particularly within the ISO 9001, or TS16949 Standard’s framework.




This is a two-day course running from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.



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